How to Plan a Simple Engagement Party

Easy Bridal Shower Games that are Actually Fun


Gift Bingo

The best thing about being the bride at a shower? All the swag, of course. Now you can benefit from the bride’s haul by playing a round of gift bingo. Each guest can fill out their own bingo cards with the gifts they think the bride is most likely to receive.

What’s In Your Purse?

When you need easy bridal shower games, this one should top the list. For once, you have an advantage to not cleaning out your purse! For those of us prone to carrying “Mary Poppins” bags with anything and everything contained inside, this game is an easy win. Provide a checklist and accompanying points and the gal with the highest tally wins a prize.


Mad Libs

A childhood favorite, Mad Libs are great for a bridal shower icebreaker, because they aren’t embarrassing or over-the-top. Partner with another guest, fill out the form, and the funniest result wins!

Mingle to Win!

Bridal showers often bring together groups of people who haven’t met before. Encourage work friends to get to know high school pals by playing this questionnaire-style game. Pretty soon everyone will be amazed by Aunt Jean’s lottery win and your mom’s thirty years of marriage. We bet you’ll even learn a thing or two about your own nearest and dearest!

Simple Icebreakers

For easy bridal shower games, don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Rely on classic icebreakers like “Two Truths and a Lie” or create simple trivia questions about the bride.

The Newlywed Game

This version of “The Newlywed Game” requires the groom’s participation ahead of time on a questionnaire. Or, if you are hosting a co-ed shower, this can be a fun game for everyone to join in on together.

Lawn Games

When it’s a beautiful day, why not take the party outside? Spend the afternoon playing lawn games, sipping lemonade, and thoroughly dominating your opponents. You can make it casual, or turn it into a tournament-style competition, depending on your crowd.

All Heart - Bridal Shower Invitations

All Heart Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal Shower Bingo.jpeg

Bridal Shower Bingo 

Shower Bingo

Shower Bingo – Different Version

Guess Who - Newly Wed Game

Guess Who – Newly Wed Game

Think Outside the Dessert Table: 23 Fresh Food Stations

Forget tallying chicken vs. beef or fretting over the cost of a sit-down dinner. Food stationsare a creative way to showcase the character of the new Mr. and Mrs. while wowing guests and pleasing an array of picky palates. Let guests feast their eyes and bellies on late-night nibbles, like French fries and sliders, or exquisite starters such as oysters and ceviche. If you hail from the South, why not amuse guests with shrimp and grits or barbecue sliders paired with a smoky bourbon. We’ve got 23 stylish, sophisticated and downright fabulous food stations to share with you and your guests’ taste buds.

1. Pancakes and Waffles: Have you ever thought about having your soiree in the morning? Or maybe you and the groom just absolutely love brunch? Picture this: A waffle bar complete with bowls of fresh fruit, dollops of whipped cream and a drizzling of local maple syrup. Add in mini quiches, piles of bacon and steamy hash browns. Do it! (via Weddings in Winnipeg)

2. Buttermilk Biscuits: Keeping on with the brunch wedding, now we look to the South for a little down-home inspiration. Marvel guests with an assortment of buttermilk biscuits filled with smoked turkey or honey ham and then pair them with your favorite sauces and jams. (via Andre Winfrye Events)

3. Shrimp and Grits: A homey Lowcountry fave sure to make anyone smile with each creamy, buttery and smoky bite. (via Kathy G. and Company)

4. Mimosas: Your wedding reception will surely pop with bright hues from fresh fruits and a little bubbly. This colorful mimosa station sets the stage for the perfect wedding toast. (via The Party Dress)

5. Charcuterie and Crostini: A feast for the eyes and the bellies of reveling guests — charcuterie, olives, dips, spreads and crusty bread… by now your mouth is watering. (via Heirloom LA)

6. Caprese Cones: A handheld spin on an Italian classic — charm guests with a delightful display of caprese salad, served inside of a savory, waffle cone. (via Luxirare)

7. Pizza: Good food, great drinks and amazing friends top the charts. Make everyone’s day with a slice of their favorite pie… pizza pie, that is. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Pasta: A pasta station with assorted noodles, sauces and toppings ensure that everyone eats exactly what they want. Buon appetito! (via Sarah Whitmeyer)

9. Wine and Cheese Pairing: Who doesn’t love wine with cheese? Take this classic pairing a step further and set up a station that matches the bride and groom’s favorite fromage and vino combinations. (via Alchemy)

10. Short Rib Sliders and Bourbon: Speaking of perfect pairs, what’s not to love about a smoky barbecue slider and a swig of bourbon to wash it all down? Serve your fave barbecue in a mini slider alongside a shot of a smoky bourbon. (via The Bridal Circle)

11. Tacos and Tequila: Finger foods are nothing new but marrying them with a mini cocktail is! Say, salud to the bride and groom with tacos and tequila shooters. (via Love and Lobster)

12. Chicken and Waffles: Honey-drizzled buttermilk waffles, crispy fried chicken and sweet maple syrup make for an excellent late-night food station that will surely gratify your guests. (via Nonsense and Sensibility)

13. Sliders and Fries: Do you want fries with that? If your guests are going to be dancing well into the night, be sure to replenish them with this American staple: Mini sliders and fries. (via A Style Collective)

14. French Fry Bar: Speaking of fries, keep your wedding night fryin’ high with your favorite deep-fried combo. We’re not talking plain old French fries and ketchup. Bring on the crinkle cut, shoestring, wedge, sweet potato or regular potato fries, and don’t stop there. Complete your French fry station with toppings and dips like truffle oil, aioli, sea salt, blue cheese, gravy, chili and don’t forget to pass the ketchup! (via Southern Bells Wedding)

15. Grilled Cheese: One can never turn down comfort food, especially if it includes ooey gooey cheese. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Mini Bahn Mi: It’s everyone’s favorite sandwich, even if they don’t know it yet. (via Nonsense and Sensibility)

17. Pad Thai: Offer your guests a little bit of everything and spice things up with a slurp-worthy Asian noodle bar. (via Creative)

18. Sushi: Freshen up wedding food with a gorgeous display of hand rolls and nigiri. (via Wedding Window)

19. Seafood Ceviche: Residing seaside? Offer a local, seafood ceviche complete with the bride and groom’s favorite catch. If you happen to have a destination wedding in the tropics, showcase the location with fresh mango, avocado and crunchy corn chips. (via Pure Joy Catering)

20. Clambake: Just like a day at the beach — fun, flavorful and carefree. A clambake food station is sure to make a splash. (via Catherine Ray)

21. Oysters on the Half Shell: Delight guests with the decadence of raw oysters. The subtle meatiness and briny juice make it hard to have just a few! Complete your raw bar with a unique mignonette, granita or serve alongside individual bottles of Tabasco. (via Southern Weddings)

22. Whiskey Tasting: Some grooms have a cake but really distinguished grooms have a whiskey bar. Outfit yours with a bartender that knows their stuff and can offer little tastes to parched guests. (via Harwell Photography)

23. Champagne: What’s a wedding without a little bubbly? Toast to your day with a classy and fun bubbly station. This one is particularly effervescent. (via 100 Layer Cake)

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How to Plan a Simple Engagement Party

Secrets to a Successful DIY Event

Please note…This was taken from my experiences and not all things were DIY but what I could, I did and I saved quite a lot doing it myself and I felt it was less stressful as I knew how it was made and if something was wrong, I knew how to fix it.

  1.   Plan Ahead – With anything, if you have the time, nothing is stressful.  If you do last minute, Everything is stressful. When I was doing centerpieces for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, I needed mylar in 3 colors.  The most economic way to purchase this was Christmas door covers in mylar and I purchased them after Christmas at a considerable savings.  I cut them out in the summer while watching tv.  You often have to think outside the box for the greatest ideas and savings.  For my son’s favors, his theme was Super Heroes so when I saw nice duffel bags at Old Navy for $3.95 each, I bought about 50 of them and because of the large purchase, we got a free shirt too.  I walked out of the mall with 7 shopping bags and the phone number for their other store in reading to purchase the rest.  This will age my son, but we even saw palm pilots which were originally $40.00 and slowly reduced till they were $1.00 each.  Again, I purchased 50 of them.
  2.    By having plenty of time, you find that things you hadn’t anticipated needed some brainstorming.  Like how to set-up something, having a large tote to carry your creations in alphabetical order for the tables or will your candles put white spots on the gentlemens’ suits while holding at the cocktail hour.
  3.    If you need to paint something like your centerpiece, foam base or other lovely items, take in mind that you need a warmer temperature for best results to paint and dry outside.  Again, plan ahead.
  4.    If you are using something that’s battery operated, I highly recommend opening up one, even if months ahead and putting batteries in and turning them on.  We opened them up shortly before and had to tweak all of them as they didn’t work and they made quite a lot of noise.  In the end, they worked about 20 minutes.  When I contacted the company, they said all refunds had to be within a short time after purchase.  Oh well – live and learn.
  5.    Just the other day I saw something on Facebook where they had these rhinestone wraps on vases, napkins, candles, chair covers, etc.  Very elegant.  They were selling the ribbon to DIY but were sold out.  Again, if you plan ahead, this wouldn’t be a catastrophe but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen similar items in craft stores and even Sam’s Club around Christmas time.  Purchase it at a great price and do your magic.  I’m sure there are instructions online.  Note…if you use it on chair covers, check to be sure it won’t pull on ladies outfits or be itchy.  That effect would be ruined on those guests whose clothing got ruined.
  6. Keep your eyes open – you may often see the perfect item for your event and think – way too soon – the savings may be worth it to purchase now.  Look in the Wedding idea isle of your crafting store.  Often at Michael’s Crafts, they have free instructions for some crafting ideas.   David Tutera has some great ideas as well as Martha Stewart.  Again, by doing it early, you have time to tweak it and make it your perfect design.
  7.    This one is close to my heart…If you want to DIY or online Save the Dates or Engagement Parties or even programs, go ahead.  If you want to DIY your invitations, I have a much better idea.  If you schedule your FREE Consultation, I will be happy to show you beautiful, elegant, simple, inexpensive invitations which would be printed beautifully and correctly.  You can then bling them up, place them in wraps, ribbons – you name it.  If you use your computer, you could incur costly jams in your printer, smeared ink, wording incorrect, printing off-centered, and not grammatically correct.  I had a client whose neighbor did this as his wedding present to her.  They were horrible but she kept her mouth shut and came to me for professional invitations.  She mailed her neighbors’ one to them and never said a word.  By having the simple, professional invitations, you are still having a diy invitation as you’re doing the cosmetic aspect of it and making a simple invitation stunning and saving a lot of money.  Another thing to consider – when you see the diy stationery – it seems really inexpensive but is it???  Look at how much, how many you get and normally, everything is ala carte too so you would need enough Invitations, envelopes, Response cards, Reception cards – do they all match??  In the end, what’s the total price and can you replace the items if your printer goes on the fritz?
  8.    I highly recommend your asking your friends and bridal attendants to help you as it would be faster and would probably be a lot of fun.  Make a party of it – food afterwards as you don’t want to ruin your hard work.  I had a client who was tying ribbons on her invitations.  To make a crisp bow, she measured the invitation and got a wine bottle with the same circumference  as the invite and tied around the bottle, slipped it off and back on the invitation.  You then have a crisp bow tied with no invitation buckling and a delicious bottle to drink afterwards.
  9.   Do your homework, look online at Pinterest and YouTube, Think Outside the Box, make trial samples to see how it looks and how easy it is.  Have fun!
  10.    Find out if you need a decorator to set-up your creations.  Often it’s an insurance thing and you should know ahead of time.  If using a decorator, have a clear sheet of instructions of how you’d like things.  Also, check with your venue to see if they have any limitations such as hanging things from the ceilings.
  11.    Walk around before event to see how everything looks.  Be prepared with a tool kit of scissors, stapler, tape, glue gun, first-aid kit (just in case) and anything else you used in your creations.  You may even need extras if you have them.

I would love to see what you’ve created and thoughts of my article.  I hope that I’ve been helpful.

Unique Invitations by Deborah