The Different Looks of Invitations (Even the Same One)


For those who think all invitations look alike, shown above is an invitation named Distinctive Expressions.  This invitation starts as an ordinary square which is lovely and elegant.  This particular invitation, and others with a Trim Option, give you the options of changing the paper and changing the trim so that this one invitation looks looks six different ways and there are more papers available and numerous ink colors to choose from.  My favorite are the shimmer papers.

There are smaller sized invitations with this option that fit into the back pockets for an even more pumped up invitation.  My favorite is Joyful Details with a back pocket.  It’s not bulky and I love the layered invitation look.

Joyful Details Black Pocket

Take a look at my website, put different themes in the search bar and make an appointment for your FREE CONSULTATION today!!  You can e-mail, phone, text, just contact me.  Please put your contact information in the e-mail or text.  No Walk-ins please.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Deborah Carasso, Unique Invitations by Deborah

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